Na-yeon: Above you! Lee and Kim Nam-Soo, Netflix 's latest zombie-apocalypse drama revolves around the outbreak of a deadly virus at the Hyosan High School in South Korea. They turn in their phones and the teacher asks if anyone has seen Hyeon-ju (the girl who was bitten by the rat). To prove her case, Na-yeon wiped the blood of a zombie using her handkerchief. Another case of an infected best friend, Han Gyeong-su is memorable mostly for the shocking manner of his death. it always leaves them at awe and finds it adorable. Ham Sung-min has appeared in several popular dramas, having worked steadily . Plus they are kids. Ha-ri blows her off and she doesn't even ask the underclassmen, so she just tells Joon-seong to make weapons. Gwi-nam still kills her later on, but she dies while still thinking she is right. Lee rose to international prominence as Ji-Yeong in the award-winning Korean drama Squid Game. 9 Gyeong-Su's Shocking Death Puts An End To His Story Too Soon.

In need of a cellphone, two students take a risky journey to the teachers' office. Yi Hyun was also cast in School 2021 (her first project where she's the lead actress!) The infected quickly turn into human eating zombies. But as she points out, even his friends laughed behind his back . ( glass shatters) ( Na-yeon screams) Dae-su: I can't hold them off much longer. Na-yeon's gift was a pretty pink teddy bear . After doing so, Cheong-san notices Nam-ra is bitten and wants to kill her but Su-hyeok holds him back saying that she is not . I'm with them and that Na-yeon was the only one who to blame. The Penthouse 2, the makjang (unrealistic and over-the-top) SBS K-drama centred around those at the top of the social pyramid, has wrapped up with yet another streak of record-breaking #1 ratings, giving it a strong advantage over drama viewership ratings. In both versions, she turns Gyeong-su by putting zombie blood into his wound. Go! RELATED: 10 TV Shows & Movies Like All of Us Are Dead According to Nielsen Korea, the finale of the hit K-drama's second season was the most-watched programme to air on any channel on that day. fans were intrigued to watch her in a fresh role as Na-Yeon. Y/N is left with Gwi-nam as they hide from zombies in the cafeteria kitchen for a while, but Y/N leaves without Gwi-nam, on her way to find Cheong-san. We could perhaps blame the way Na-yeon was brought up for the way she ostracised Gyeong-su for being a 'welfie', or student on assistance. Surprisingly, the Lee Na-yeon we see later is a vulnerable and scared girl. She just scoffs and stands up walking in the room to 'apologize" {} Of course the bitch didn't apologize, her pride is too high for that. They are two of the students trapped in a classroom . She did it." she threw the towel onto the floor picking it up I looked at it. "I didn't kill him okay" said na-yeon "is she serious right now" you thought to yourself "gyeong-su fell but he got up and ran he's still alive he didn't die he just turned" said na-yeon "are you kidding me right now" said . In the manhwa, she freaks out at a cut Gyeong-su receives as he's helping his classmates after an attack, and when she threatens to kick him out of the classroom, he snaps and slaps her. The undead Gyeong Su, who didn't die when he fell from the window, follows the duo and ends up biting Ms. Park, but she manages to lead Na Yeon to an empty classroom and tells her to forgive. Said loss brought an awful sorrow upon the survivors, specially Cheong-San. Said na-yeon you lean down and pick up the handkerchief "this is blood" you said "I wiped gyeong-su hand" said na-yeon . (Spoilers ahead) I believe that Na Yeon is the most complex character in the series. He's like her, isn't he? you watched, keeping a close eye on nayeon. Honestly, Gyeong-su's death was one of the saddest personally since he didn't even die because of a zombie, like homegirl straight-up murdered him, truly heartbreaking he deserved better. "Blood." "All I did was wipe his hand, it's his blood." Y/n was visibly mad. Miss. I know you always hated Gyeong-su, but I think you're really crossing the line here. Didnt you see Su hyeok hit me 1459148 1500065 gasps 1501066 1502902 What is your from SUPPLY CHA 3350 at University of Houston, Downtown gyeong-su x gn!reader | 1.1k words. Han Joon, Hye Joon, and Su Cheol find the body and report it to the police right away. . Na-yeon calls Gyeong-su a "welfie", short for someone on welfare, and it isn't a throwaway remark. they'd just randomly grabs your hand and slides them upright and tall, pressing their palm on . ** Eun-ji killing Cheol-su, leading to the survivors being left behind. She's always like this. The point is that the only way to survive is to let go of them. Even after her remorse, amny fans refused to give her any sympathy when Gwo-nam killed her. These are deeply embedded social attitudes and ideas. Na-yeon was sobbing on her knees not knowing that the words "I forgive you sis." would be the last she would hear from you. Later, Na-yeon kills Mrs. Park too because she sees the vision again. Gallery References Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Even after her remorse, amny fans refused to give her any sympathy when Gwo-nam killed her. Gyeong-su: You killed me. LatinAutor - SonyATV, LatinAutor - UMPG, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., Forward Music Publishing Co., Ltd., ASCAP, CMRRA, UMPI, Reach Music Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing, Polaris Hub . A very weak yes, mostly because of the heinous standard of the series, since although he did not do any truly heinous actions, his inactions caused the most important events about the series, which would cause the creation of the zombie virus in some way and Gwi-nam's wickedness, and also apparently showing no remorse for what his inactions caused, but fails against the henious standards of . Lee Na Yeon & Lee Su Hyeok (All of Us Are Dead) Han Gyeong Su & Lee Na Yeon; Han Gyeong Su (All of Us Are Dead) Lee Na Yeon (All of Us Are Dead) all of us are dead - Freeform; Summary. We don't get to see her redeem herself, per se, but she does attempt to rectify a little of the damage she did in killing Gyeong-su. All of Us Are Dead (Korean: ; Hanja: ; RR: Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun; lit.

as Park Ye Rin and like Yun Bok, she also has a . ** The general ordering the soldiers to shoot the kids even though they clearly were not infected. This is about life and death. The victims are biologically dead, as we learn later, but they're kept moving by impulses that power their heightened senses, including smell, hearing, and . The two turn out fine, but Su-hyeok is still bent up on Y/N being a bully. Episode #1.4: With Ji-hu Park, Chan-Young Yoon, Yi-Hyun Cho, Park Solomon.

She then pretended to treat Gyeong-san's wound by wiping the same handkerchief on it. A brown teddy bear with a tiny bow-tie was in Gyeong-su's arms as he tightly squeezed it, his infamous grin plastered all over his face. Lee Na-Yeon After murdering Gyeong-su with zombie blood in All of Us Are Dead, Na-yeon flees the broadcasting room in tears when the other Class 2-5 students confront her. Answer (1 of 3): The Internet is definitely stalking me I only started watching All of Us Are Dead this week and got referenced to a question about it, anyways. Gyeong-su: Hey, it's climbing over! She forces him into quarantine for 1 hour in the Broadcasting Room. The cast of characters also includes Han Gyeong-su, one of Cheong-san's close friends; Yoon I-sak, On-ji's best friend; Oh Joon-young, the second-best performing student in the class after Nam-ra; Yang Dae-su; Lee Na-yeon, and Jang Woo-jin. Every char. . Byeong-chan passes on critical information to Detective Song Jae-ik. Following a confrontation with the zombies, Na . She finds most of her friend group there and Gyeong-su is quarintining with Y/N as Na-yeon is skeptical of zombie bites. He vows to kill Cheong-san as well and chases him through the zombie-infested school. he was holding my hand and all of a sudden he wasn't. i looked around for him frazzled til reality kicked in and i ran for my life with no plan whatsoever. This eventually turned Gyeong-san into a zombie, as Na-yeon essentially killed her own classmate. It is adapted from webtoon of the same name which was serialised on Naver from 2007 to 2010. it had been almost 24 hours i got split up from my boyfriend. Na Yeon collapsed against the wall tucked away in a fairly large storage room, the monsters outside having quietened down when they could no longer see her in the classroom. Gyeong Ho has hit a motorbiker and has dumped his body somewhere. He clung to the bottom of the fire hose when he fell out of the window and was helped . He begins to panic in concern because the virus creates a hallucination. Midway through his quarantine, she rubs a handkerchief infected with the Jonas Virus onto his scratch. Directed by J.Q. 12.Let me . but he end was really halfassed in my opinion. Gyeong-su: You killed me. As the tide turns against Na-yeon, she cries about having no. Na-yeon: Go. When Gyeong-su is scratched by a zombie, she accuses him of being bitten by the zombie. Zombies attack and Ms. Park sacrifices herself. All of Us Are Dead juxtaposes the everyday dilemmas of a group of teenagers like Lee Na Yeon (Lee Yoo-mi) and Yoon Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) with scenes outlining the lasting . He hated her and not too long ago wanted to kill her for what she had done but now an hour or more after she and Mrs Park disappeared. He can only see her sobbing face . This proves Byeong-chan's clarification that concern ends in changing into a zombie. Let's Fight, Ghost) is a South Korean television series starring Ok Taec-yeon, Kim So-hyun and Kwon Yul. Give it to me, you Fckr! Su Hyeok stops struggling as so does Cheong San and Dae su "What did you just say?" Su Hyeok said standing still as he glared at Na Yeon. After his death, Na-yeon has hallucinations of Gyeong-su, which push her to stab Wu-jin and later Ms. Park, both later die from blood loss. The teacher then comes in and tells the kids to take their seats. . if you have eating disorders i wouldn't read this. Getting bitten or scratched, or even getting zombie blood in an open wound - as we see when Na-yeon kills Gyeong-su - is enough to cause the victim to turn within five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, Cheong-san has been in love with On-jo since they were both children. Wrapping paper had been discarded on the bench, little Gyeong-su and Na-yeon admiring the contents that were within. warnings: swearing, canon-divergence, mentions of murder, kissing, blood, and aouad stuff.. synopsis: you were quietly looking around the room as everyone rushed to check on why gyeongsu wouldn't leave the recording room. The general ordering the soldiers to shoot the kids even though they clearly were not infected. Take Na-yeon, the pink-sweatered snob who effectively killed Gyeong-su a few episodes earlier. genre: slight angst, comfort, established relationship. Her plan could have very well worked if fellow student Nam-ra hadn't realized what she had done. ( rustles, thuds) ( gloomy music continues) ( breathing heavily) ( fire whooshing) ** Na-yeon infecting Gyeong-su just to be "right". We still can't get over Cho Yi Hyun's ~transformation~ from the bubbly intern in Hospital Playlist to the badass class president in All Of Us Are Dead!If you can remember, she plays Jang Yun Bok in the medical drama who has a twin brother named Jang Hong Do. She derisively refers to Gyeong-su as a "welfie," a cruel nickname for someone whose parents are welfare recipients.. Ms. Park follows. By all accounts, Lee Na-yeon is a horrible person when we first see her. Students at the high school must now fight for their lives, while they look for a way out. Han Gyeong Su & Lee Na Yeon; Han Gyeong Su & Lee Cheong San; Jang Ha Ri/Park Mi Jin (All of Us Are Dead) Lee Cheong San & Lee Su Hyeok; Characters: Han Gyeong Su (All of Us Are Dead) Lee Cheong San; Lee Na Yeon (All of Us Are Dead) Nam On Jo; Lee Su Hyeok (All of Us Are Dead) Park Mi Jin (All of Us Are Dead) Jang Ha Ri (All of Us Are Dead) When Na-yeon purposely infects Gyeong-su, audiences see what he sees as he turns. As we witness throughout the first season, most characters make . If looks could kill then Na Yeon would have been dead by now with the way Su Hyeok was glaring at her. They don't know shit about the virus let alone wiping an infected blood to an open wound would turn a person. warnings: angst, sad asf, authors note: it's kind of short I'm sorry i hope you like it!! If that had happened, Na-yeon would have certainly earned the approval of the group. With Park Sun-Hwa and Lee Na-Yeon missing after the recent events, the small group of survivors had lost 2 people including Gyeong-Su. She's a. zombie. The series aired on cable network tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 time slot for 16 episodes from 11 July to 30 August 2016. Yes, she was selfish and a murderer. He's also the one who slapped Na-yeon instead of Nam-ra. Most would think that her death would be satisfying karma. Please go. Na-yeon After being ostracized by her peers for what she did to Gyeong-su, Na-yeon storms out of the classroom. Park said looking angry as ever. A virus outbreak occurs at Hyosan High School. ( groaning) Joon-seong: Still, I don't wanna. In This Video I shared My Thoughts AboutLee Na-yeon and Gyeong-su (Fictional Characters) From All of Us are Dead ( Netflix's Original Series) Hope you Liked . comparing the hand, one of their favorite thing is having the fascination of seeing your hand smaller or bigger than them. One of the very best examples of the mutated virus principle is Cheong-san and Gyeong-su. Na-yeon's scheme to kill Gyeong-su may have been monstrous, but it does prove one thing - the fact that she is highly intelligent and cunning . {} "See, i was right after all" came Na-yeon's cocky remark, seeing Gyeong-su's nose bleed again. Nam On-Jo ( Park Ji-Hu) & Lee Cheong-San ( Yoon Chan-Young) have been friends since they were children. Kill Ha-lim? Meanwhile, Cheong-san has been in love with On-jo since they were both children. He. Biography Lee Na-yeon is a wealthy student as Hyosan high school. Just shut up, Na-yeon. Na-yeon infecting Gyeong-su just to be "right". Yes, Yoon Gwi-nam dies in 'All of Us Are Dead.' He starts a bitter feud with Lee Cheong-san after the latter records him killing the principal. ( Gyeong-su sighs) Na-yeon. It's open!

I will gladly bow to Nam-ra when she slapped Na-Yeon for what she did. She's not Ha-lim. Cheong-san manages to kick him out the window, whistling to get his attention and mourns his friend's death. #aouad #aouad angst #aouad imagines #aouad x reader #all of us are dead x reader #all of us are dead netflix #han gyeong-su #lee nayeon #gyeong-su x reader #nayeon x reader I'll kill you! ( scoffs) If it weren't for him, we would definitely all be dead right now. She finds herself locked in a supply closet when the big gang of surviving kids takes over the music. . Music credits to Song Hymn for the Weekend Artist Coldplay Album Hymn for the Weekend Licensed to Hymn for the Weekend WMG (on behalf of PLG UK Frontline); RUclips by. Now at Our School) is a South Korean coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror streaming television series. 11.Lee Na-yeon deserved this fate for her selfishness, elitist snobbery, and what she did to Han Gyeong-su. Cheong-san: Push! Mi-jin wants to leave but Joon-seong doesn't want zombies to see them and makes it clear that he'll stay behind. Na-yeon hides in another classroom and has snacks and drinks to survive on (while the rest of the students continue to starve nearby). Yeah, she was weird. Probably the only good thing that Gwi-nam did in the entire series. "I said if she really was a zombie then Gwi Nam would be doing us a favor by killing her-" She could've had a great character arc, and you could tell she felt horrible about killing gyeong su (obvs that doesn't justify it but ykwim) she deserves better in my eyes, her story basically ended right before she could develop as a character. Well Cheong-san and the rest didn't blame Nam-ra for not speaking up before Gyeong-su turned. I'm gonna kill you! Language: English Words: 1,102 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 8 Hits: 277 They turn to Na-yeon who was frowning.

In fact, she is so horrible that she is one of the few students to maliciously kill another living human in the series. Gyeong-su, my parents are gonna kill me!" . However, Han Joon tells the police to hand over the case to another crime division. "What?" Gyeong-su asks nervously, and . Once there, Cheong-san's best friend Gyeong-su is deliberately infected by Na-yeon and turns into a zombie. Nam-ra, the school's sullen president, realizes that she saw what Na-yeon did and accuses her, correctly, of murdering Gyeon-san. Speaking of survival, Cheong-san did. Bring It On, Ghost (Korean: ; RR: Ssauja Gwisina; lit. Before Gyeong Ho's men can come and take the body somewhere else, Han Joon has to find it. Lee Na-yeon picks on Han Gyeong-su at every opportunity she gets. Gyeong-su is Cheong-san's close friend and he's a popular jokester at school, though he butts heads with Na-yeon often. The series mostly takes place at a high . Gyeong-su's (Ham Sung-min) family is on welfare, which makes him a target of snobs like Na-yeon (Squid Game actress Lee Yoo-mi). Despite not knowing what kind of character Lee Yoo-mi would play in All of Us Are Dead. He hated her and not too long ago wanted to kill her for what she had done but now an hour or more after she and Mrs Park disappeared. Eun-ji killing Cheol-su, leading to the survivors being left behind. Na Yeon collapsed against the wall tucked away in a fairly large storage room, the monsters outside having quietened down when they could no longer see her in the classroom. Not just Na Yeon, Nam Ra killed Gyeong Su too In episode three, Na Yeon stains her handkerchief with zombie blood and deliberately rubs it on Gyeong Su's scratch, infecting him with the virus. Notably, Gyeong-su doesn't turn when he is scratched by a zombie, but he does turn when Na-yeon (never forget) uses a rag with zombie blood on it to "tend" to the wound. She hides in the PTA storage closet that is filled with snacks and drinks that were donated to the music students by parents. And now, he might be the one killing all of us. You could be right. dae-su, woo-jin, joon-yeong, ha-ri, su-hyeok, gyeong-su, mi-jin, min-jae. Hurry up! Now you're the one who's killing me. Fans adored her on-screen character for her open-mindedness and selflessness. Na-yeon wipes zombie blood into Gyeong-su's open wound, pretending to care for him, but actually causing him to turn into a zombie. "If you guys are telling the truth that means Na-yeon killed Gyeong-su." "Yes it's true. Lee Na-yeon (Lee You-mi) A bit of a snob, Na-yeon is a polarizing figure among the students she's stranded with in the first few episodes. Coming from a low-income family, Gyeong-su is the constant target of the vitriol of his rich classmate, Lee Na-yeon. Snobby mean girl Lee Na-yeon (Lee You-mi) really has it out for poor people. we were in the cafeteria and so much was happening. The cast of characters also includes Han Gyeong-su, one of Cheong-san's close friends; Yoon I-sak, On-ji's best friend; Oh Joon-young, the second-best performing student in the class after Nam-ra; Yang Dae-su; Lee Na-yeon, and Jang Woo-jin.

Cheong-San felt like he had lost a family member, a brother that was born in the wrong family, but a brother nonetheless. . and right on time, you .

Netflix. - Su-hyeok then comes into the room and joins a group of boys. We have to kill her. Gyeong-su wants him in the Class 2-5 group so he can say stuff like that to Na-yeon. gyeong su x reader. wounded.

Na-yeon is a complicated character both in the comics and on the show. I have only watched until episode 8. She is highly mentally unstable, going as far as hallucinating with Gyeong-su and stabbing Wu-jin with a scissor. He can only see her sobbing face . It stars Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo.

She looks down on Cheong-san's best friend, Gyeong-su . Then Na-yeon comes in the room and tells off Gyeong-su for sitting on her desk.