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Rich and SandyAction Residential Mortgage + Property Management (ARM+) is a small, family owned, mortgage-broker and property mangagement business. Rich & Sandy Young started the business in January of 1994.



Rich and Sandy    Rich and Sandy take pride in earning their clients trust, demonstrating integrity, and proving the value and honesty of their services by the numbers. This is the unique and defining difference of ARM+; the loan is proven by the numbers! If a loan doesn't make sense by the numbers, they simply say so keeping your best interests first while looking forward to the possibility of your business sometime in the future.


    If you have property on the bay-area peninsula that you need help in managing, Rich and Sandy are certain they can help you. "How," you ask? They know they can make you more money through proven cost savings and cost efficiency techniques. That requires extra-effort on their part that most others most property managers don't have time for.  Those savings turn into more income for you and that will help you live a greater stress-free life regarding your property and your tenants.


    If you're already one of Rich and Sandy's mortgage-clients, you already know how much you can trust them! If you're not, they have plenty of references they would be happy to provide you with.


    So whether your needs are financing or property management, Action has the experience and service you deserve!






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Rich Young

Rich Young

Broker | President | Property Manager                                                                            











Sandy Gauthier-Young

Sandy Gauthier-Young

Loan Agent | Vice-President | Property Manager 


















    Action Residential Mortgage + Property Management (ARM+) is licensed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System 291402., and the State of California Bureau of Real Estate ( The ARM California state license number is 01106294 and the ARM license expires October 22, 2018. ARM is a Sub-S corporation owned by Rich Young and Sandy Gauthier-Young. You can think of it as your own "mom & pop shop."


    New licensing requirements have been implemented by and through the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). The NMLS licensing augments State of California licensing. Effective January 1, 2011, all mortgage companies, loan originators and loan brokers must be licensed by NMLS.  ARM+ has completed all licensing requirements through December 2018 for NMLS, and through October 2018 State of California licensing requirements.


    Here are directions for verifying the information directly from the Bureau of Real Estate:


  1. Click on the link to the Front Page of the BRE: .
  2. Look for the link on the left under "Essentials" and click on "Verify A Real Estate License."
  3. Enter in our company name as "Action Residential Mortgage" or our license number in the appropriate box. 
  4. When the match comes up, click on the license number to verify the licensing.